Idaho Government

Idaho government is organized into three branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial. The Idaho Constitution defines the roles and powers of these three branches.

idaho government

The Idaho Executive branch is headed by the governor, who is responsible for carrying out the laws enacted by the Legislature and for administering the state’s affairs. The governor is assisted by several state agencies, each headed by a member of the governor’s cabinet.

The Idaho Legislature is the state’s lawmaking body, composed of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Idaho Supreme Court is the state’s highest court, with appellate jurisdiction over all other courts in Idaho.

The Idaho Judicial branch consists of a hierarchy of courts, from lower courts of limited jurisdiction to the Idaho Supreme Court, which is the state’s highest court. Idaho courts have jurisdiction over all matters within the state, including criminal and civil cases.

The Idaho Constitution provides for direct citizen participation in government through initiative, referendum, and recall. Idaho citizens can petition their government to place a proposed law or amendment on the ballot for voter approval or rejection. Idaho citizens can also demand a vote to repeal a law passed by the Legislature or to remove an elected official from office through recall elections.

Government of Idaho State

Official Name: Idaho

Governor: Brad Little

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Contact the governor

Main Address: State Capitol
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID, 83720

Phone Number: 208-334-2100

Idaho State Agencies

Attorney General

Consumer Protection Offices

Corrections Department

Education Department

Emergency Management Agency

Election Office

Motor Vehicle Offices

Surplus Property Sales

Travel and Tourism

Social Services